ESSA Breeding Policy

Breeding Policy

It is the policy of the English Springer Spaniel Club of Victoria that, in addition to adhering to the Victorian Canine Association Inc. Code of Practice – Breeding, the breed specific provisions detailed below shall apply. The VCA Code of Practice - Breeding is reproduced in normal black font and the supplementary breed specific provisions in blue italics.


20.1. I2

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A member shall breed primarily for the purpose of improving the quality and I or working ability of the breed in accordance with the breed standard, and not specifically for the pet or commercial market,

and as per the first Objective of the club constitution which is “To promote the English Springer Spaniel breed in the state of Victoria, protecting rigorously the breed type, look and attributes first articulated by the breed’s founders and still recognised as proper type in the breed's country of origin.”

A member shall not breed with a bitch unless the bitch has reached adequate maturity for that breed as determined by the Victorian Canine Association Inc.

Bitches shall not be bred before they are 12 months of age.

A member shall not breed a bitch causing it to whelp more than twice in 18 months without the prior approval of the Victorian Canine Association Inc.

A member shall not breed a bitch causing it to whelp more than six times without prior veterinary certification of fitness for further breeding, and without prior approval of the Victorian Canine Association Inc.

A member shall not permit any of that member's pure bred dogs to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a cross bred dog, to an unregistered dog of the same breed, or to a dog not on the Main Register without the prior approval of the Victorian Canine Association Inc.

A member shall take responsible action to reduce the incidence of hereditary diseases in accordance with the ANKC code of practice for hereditary diseases.

Breeders shall act to eliminate diseases and defects they become aware of in their breeding and do all they can to prevent puppies being affected. The following tests are available and may be relevant:

1.    Hip scoring 2.    Annual eye certificates by an Opthamologist 3.    DNA tests for:

(a) Cord 1 PRA; (b) Fucosidosis; and (c) Parentage

These tests are not mandated

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A member shall not, within Australia, sell or otherwise transfer from that member's care any puppy under eight weeks of age without the approval of the Victorian Canine Association Inc.

A member shall not export a puppy under the age of 11 weeks, or such greater age permitted under the livestock import requirements of the country to which the puppy is being exported.

A member shall not knowingly sell a dog to any person residing in an overseas country known to be involved in the utilisation of dogs for the meat trade without first satisfying the Victorian Canine Association Inc that the purchaser is a member of an ANKC recognised canine controlling body in the overseas country. The member and purchaser must further acknowledge in writing to the Victorian Canine Association Inc that the intention of the sale is for the improvement of the quality of that breed in the overseas country, and not for any other purpose.

A member shall ensure that persons acquiring dogs from that member understand the requirements for the care, welfare and responsible ownership of the dog, and that they have the time and facilities, e.g. adequate fences, sufficient room and proper shelter, to fulfil their responsibilities.

A breeder shall be expected to maintain reasonable contact with the purchasers of dogs from that breeder and to offer continued advice and reasonable assistance.

A member shall register all puppies bred by that member that are living at the date of registration. Such registration must include all puppies from the litter on the one litter registration application form and must be applied for within 18 months of the date of whelping.

A member shall provide to all recipients of dogs sold or otherwise disposed of by that member, written details of: The breed characteristics; Vaccination record and I or requirements; Responsible dog ownership information; All documentation required by the Victorian Canine Association Inc

A member shall not incorrectly describe nor knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of a breed.

A member shall ensure that all dogs sold or disposed or by that member are in the best possible state of health. Where a dog with a health issue or disability is disposed of the member must obtain from the recipient written and signed acknowledgement of the condition of the dog.

A member shall not:    Sell or dispose of a dog to a commercial pet wholesaler or retail pet shop unless they are accredited by the Victorian Canine

Association Inc and the Pet Industry Association of Australia Limited (PIAA).    Allow a dog owned by that member to be given as a prize or donation or to be auctioned.

Breeders shall obtain the best advice, information and health services to ensure they are meeting the requirements of this Policy and are acting in the best health interests of their dogs. Self- education sources should, as a minimum, include consulting with other breeders, books, magazine articles and online forums.

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Selling practices such as “buyer beware” and “all care but no responsibility” are inconsistent with this Policy. Limiting liability, within reason, is prudent and consistent with this Policy.

When choosing two English Springer Spaniels to mate, Breeders shall ensure consideration is given to:

   

soundness of temperament soundness of conformation general health the breed type/shape/form as described by the ANKC breed standard

Effective as of 7 June 2010


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